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Diabetes a complementary approach
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27th January 2014.

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Dedicated to promoting health and well-being

Welcome to The Hartlands Centre website.

new telephone numberWe are all convinced of the power of the mind, and The Hartlands Centre concentrates on promoting its ground-breaking mind empowerment methods, The Hartlands Techniques (THT), and on spiritual healing and development. THT help with a variety of problems, for example: Illnesses, Mental Health problems, bullying at work (or school), insecurity and Psychological issues.

Everyone is equipped with the ability to overcome most of their issues, and exert control over the environment in which we live. The Hartlands Centre was established to outreach to people on a local, national and international level to provide the key to health and well-being.

"Light yet extremely serious fun and very full of value. I will certainly use the techniques."
H. Dodds - London
The centre hosts courses and workshops, provides talks and lectures, consultations and treatments; it publishes leaflets, CDs and books (see online shop). Mhairi Kent, the founder of Hartlands, is an exhibitor and gives talks on these techniques at many of the major Health shows throughout the country (see events and shows for details). Clients have been helped to develop their intuitive mind abilities and deal with health and emotional problems (see past cases). As a medical intuitive, Mhairi is able to identify problems and suggest solutions.

Mhairi receives many tributes from all over the World, and you can view a selection of these on the testimonials page.

About Mhairi

mhairi kentMhairi Kent, Chairman of The World Federation of Healing, and one of the founders of The Hartlands Centre, is a former government scientist and daughter of respected psychic parents. She is a leading expert for psychic and psychological problems and her scientific background has enabled her to develop a unique self-healing system to help deal with even life-threatening illnesses in an amazingly effective way.

Since developing her system to help people develop their mind's psychic powers Mhairi has been much in demand both as a teacher and practitioner - see events and shows for a brief list of her engagements.

"Thank you for writing such a touching, humorous and inspirational book. It is comforting to know there are others trying to find their 'path' without the aid of a 'guru'..."
S. Scott - Essex
She has an Honours degree and has had several books published whilst working as an archaeological curator. She has been featured in magazine articles and appeared in many TV and radio programmes.

Her hilarious (at the same time informative) book on psychic mind development, The Accidental Psychic, can be purchased from the online shop or through

Spiritual Aspects

Mhairi was trained in spiritual protection techniques by a well-known exorcist and healer, and is consulted frequently by those with spiritual problems and damage (see testimonials).

Prayer List

The Hartlands Centre is multi-ethnic and embraces many religions.

Within this framework, Christian volunteers offer a free of charge service to pray for people in need.

Please your requests for prayer. Your name will be added to a list of people prayed for daily, for either 6 months or until they request to be removed from the list. We appreciate your corrospondance on this matter, keeping us informed of progress.

Thank You

Thank you for visiting The Hartland Centre website. Should you wish to contact Mhairi, please use our contact us page.